Friday, July 09, 2010

On the move across South Africa

Just a quick note to explain the relatively few posts over the last while. My term at the University of Cape Town philosophy department ended a couple of weeks ago, and since then we have packed up and moved out of Cape Town, on a month long working holiday (more work than holiday) that involves travelling from guest house to campground to borrowed apartment as we drift eastward across South Africa. Gansbaai. George. Jeffery's Bay. And points eastward, finally up to Joberg. My internet connections are somewhat Africanized: not very fast, when available, and finding wireless access in the places I am going is as rare as sighting a caracal. In short, don't expect much from this end, even though there has been no shortage of juicy bioethical issues, including here in South Africa: I am thinking of the SAPIT study on TB and HIV that was recently criticized in the Bioethics Forum. Until I fall back onto the radar, this will have to wait.