Monday, March 29, 2010

Back in business, sort of

Awhile ago, I wondered out loud how my posts might change now that I am living in (South) Africa. As it turns out, at least in the short term, the answer is undesired and unexpected: I am too consumed by work to blog. Until mid-May, it looks like my hands (and brains) are mostly tied. Bigger bioethics blogs may have research assistants that can step in, but not this one. Not that I am complaining. OK, I am.

Which does not stop me from acting as an occasional conduit of information. Luis Justo at the Blog Bioetica Latinamericana asked me to post a call for papers from the journal Revista Redbioetica/UNESCO. They are looking for original papers of theoretical or field research in bioethics, commentaries on books and papers, interviews and letters to the editor. They are also keen on commentaries on news in bioethics that can be published on the journal's blog. The journal has a wide focus, including both ethical issues arising from biotech and genetic developments as well as bioethics problems connected to political and social inequality. Paper and other proposals can be sent to the journal's editor at

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