Thursday, September 25, 2008

The New Journal of Medical Ethics blog

The Journal of Medical Ethics (JME) has recently launched a new blog. According to Soren Holm, Editor of the print version of the JME, the blog is meant to be a place for bioethics reflection and commentary, book reviews and conference reports, as well as information about what the JME and its sister publications are doing. As far as I know, it is the third blog-that-is-attached-to-a-big-bioethics-journal after the American Journal of Bioethics blog and the Bioethics Forum of the Hastings Center. Besides Holm, JME bloggers include Iain Brassington and David Hunter, who write in a pleasant, breezy and humorous style, but who also seem well-equiped to bite into complex bioethical issues when the spirit takes them. Together, they seem intent to explore the gamut from careful analysis to delicious gossip.

It is way too early to judge this baby blog, but I have put a permanent link to it under Cool Bioethics Blogs and Sites Around the World, in the vain hope that the JME will publish all manuscripts that I send to them from now on.